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About Us

Jamin Robinson

I am the Youth Minister of BEAT Youth Ministry in Rockledge, Florida. We are excited about kicking off our youth ministry this year because we have extraordinary and exciting experiences in store for our children. Our main focus is touch the hearts of children not only in the youth ministry but throughout the area. 

Through the youth group I traveled to many different areas of the country and exposed to a vast number of cultures ranging from Japanese and Indian to Italian and French. These experiences helped shaped me into the person I am today and greatly influenced me to pursue my dream of one day becoming a youth minister and providing a path to children of all ages in my area these same experiences and experiences that are even greater than my own!


The goal of BEAT Youth Ministry is two-fold: Bring the youth to Christ and help create individuals who will one day become well-rounded and successful adults. In order to accomplish these goals, our ministry will be offering such programs as life skills, computer training, tutoring, summer camps, foreign language classes, health and safety courses and much more.


Amy Robinson

I am the Assistant Youth Minister of BEAT Youth Ministry which is the most awesome youth ministry there is! If you can't tell, I am sort of the cheerleader and extreme supporter of BYM! I get excited when I see the changes and growth our youth go through each week as they continue to learn about the love of God! 

I am an alumni of the University of Central Florida, where I received my Bachelor degree in Business Administration. I am also a graduate of Webster University, where I earned my Masters in Management  and Leadership in 2014.

I grew up in Faith Temple Christian Center's phenomenal youth group and I am estatic to be able to be a part of BYM. While I believe that education is the key to success, I also feel that the relationship that is developed through knowing God is a critical need for anyone--especially for our youth. BYM is doing and will continue to do EXTRAordinary things and your child needs to be a part of it!


GO, BYM!!!! 


Your Spirit - Tasha Cobbs
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