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Zachary DeFreese



Christian/Positive Hip-Hop Artist

OutLook is a Christian/Positive Hip-Hop artist from Passaic County, New Jersey, who now lives in Orange City, Florida with his wife, Brittany, and their two children. He's been a hip-hop artist for almost 20 years now. For many years, OutLook was rapping about money, the club scene, violence, etc. and trying to get a record deal for all the wrong reasons. 

Zachary and Brittany DeFreese

Thanks to his wife, he was led to find Christ and they were baptized together in 2015. He then realized that God gave him a talent and love for music for a higher purpose, to serve. Now, he is seeking to influence and help people of all ages and all walks to find the Lord, through music. 

Undeniable - OutLook

Zachary and Brittany on their wedding day.

Zachary & Brittany enjoying the day with their children, Sophia and Joe.

The DeFreese Family

Faith and positivity are the new foundation to his style of music. Influenced by artists like Datin, Sevin, and Lecrae, OutLook seeks to be another voice bringing Christian Hip Hop to a worldwide platform. Stay tuned, stay positive and put God first.

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